Advocate Of Depletion

by Ovaryrot

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released April 4, 2015

Jon Paxton - Vocals
Ulf Nylin - Drums
Brady Cornett - Guitar




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Ovaryrot is an experimental deathgrind band comprised of Ulf Nylin, Jon Paxton, and Brady Cornett. We've been going strong since 2007, always changing, always creating hellish walls of noise in response to life.

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Track Name: Indemnify
Infectious idiocracy swarming the insufferable herd like a plague. They beg and portray what is deemed to be genuinity, but you must look further, you must never look away. The devious serpents have lived on through generations and generations contorting humanity into the filth that it is today. Skin the serpents, their liability will be held in remembrance. Skin the serpents, their deaths shall be their repentance.
Track Name: Forthright
What this life is in my eyes? Outrageous futility to the edges of our decaying flesh and our scattered bones. Chew and grind between your teeth and gums and know you are beneath what you digest. You are merely one of the countless pests.
Track Name: Instinctive Revulsion
These images that our species and societies uphold are odiously upheld. Whether it be explicit ignorance or despicable arrogance; It's all the same. Self esteem and happiness are gag reflexes as I vomit all over humanity's so called accomplishments. It's all so fucking disgusting. Self inflicted suffering to feel another form of pain; To counteract the incomprehensible mundane. Whatever it takes to take my mind off the excruciating simplicity of these humans. As time expands, so does my intolerance. Final words as I take your last breath, "Good riddance." Whatever it takes to take my mind off the excruciating simplicity of these humans. I would be a liar if I was to say that I have never wished to see all of humanity suffer devastatingly all of the way into the very final moments of their existence into extinction.
Track Name: Despondency In Hindsight
The fucking whore parasites roam this planet snapping at any cock to infest their cunts with the abomination that is the continuation of life. The continuation of life is the end of all life. Extinction is in sight. We are destroying our species and the rest of every living organism for the continuation of one's own life. The world was a much better place before humans ever existed. The world was a much better place before humans ever existed.
Track Name: Toxin
Oppressive imprudence. Excessive nuisance. Biogenic pollutants. Brainwashed fucking mutants. Hold your tongue if you intend to not have it cut out. Your self proclaimed entitlement is imperiously nauseating. Choke on your own wretched, vomitus words. Suffocation is embolden. Asphyxia is golden.
Track Name: Equitable Retribution
Eye for an eye still leaves one man with one eye left. I will not turn the other cheek. I will catch your attack and snap your wrist in half and before you think to counter with your other I will chomp on your neck and suck the life out of you.
Track Name: Appointed Crucifixion
They latch you down, hammering in the nails at your wrists and raise you high above ground in shame and defeat. Hiding the truth and spreading their lies so that your life becomes theirs. Trapped in confinement, the only escape will result in your already inevitable death. How do you want to die? What will you die for? Better yet, how many will you kill before you die? Better yet, how will you kill them?
Track Name: Advocate Of Depletion
Desire, inquire, comply, imply, impress, impression, regress, regression. The redundancy of ambition. Creating these imaginary personas and destinations in your mind that do not truly exist, but you have insisted this sick and twisted already dead continuance. The archaic narcissistic self centered disease. I am the remedy for this monstrosity; Extermination. (It is so fucking disgusting)
Track Name: Devolution
Atrocious deformities are becoming the normality. How can it be seen any other way? Their stench is unbearable at the very beginning of their utterance. Look into their eyes of abhorrent ignorance. They leave nothing but the residue of distastefulness. The epitome of pitiful incompetence.
Track Name: Coax
If violence occurs that is justified by the means of what is deemed to be "right", it is praised, it is endorsed, it is even enforced. If violence occurs that is looked down upon, deemed to be "cruel", it is found to be disgraceful or appalling. Humans in a society under governed supervision through laws, regulations, religion and politics only enjoy murder if it is by their terms. They hide behind their contradicting ways of life knowing deep down, they just want to see life taken away by means of blood. Humans only enjoy murder if it is by their terms.