Existence Denounced

by Ovaryrot

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released August 28, 2014

Jon Paxton - Vocals
Ulf Nylin - Drums
Brady Cornett - Guitar, Synthesizer

Released Through Misanthropic Generation Media



all rights reserved



Ovaryrot is an experimental deathgrind band comprised of Ulf Nylin, Jon Paxton, and Brady Cornett. We've been going strong since 2007, always changing, always creating hellish walls of noise in response to life.

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Track Name: The Void Of Immortality
I feel the pulsing in my brain beginning to become overwhelming and I don't know how much longer I can keep going before cutting into their flesh and ripping what's within them out. My vision becomes blurred and I'm losing all focus. All I keep thinking about is what their blood tastes like. They greet me with a smile and I look into their eyes and see their entire lives. They make the same gestures and sounds as the rest of them do and it all means nothing to me. I watch myself smash their faces with my fists continuously until they fall to the ground convulsing uncontrollably and I howl in laughter and excitement. In this moment I am immortal. In this moment I live forever.
Track Name: Less Than Meaningless
Shove these words down your god damn throat and fucking gag and choke like the pathetic fucking incompetent parasite you fucking are! Every time you walk around know that death is standing behind your fucking back with a gun to your head waiting to pull the trigger! There is no fucking hourglass! You die when you die! You're meaningless! You're less than meaningless! Why haven't you killed yourself already?! What the fuck are you holding onto?! Fucking pathetic! Fucking weak! Accept your futility! Kill yourself!
Track Name: Retaliation
Rip out the fetus from the whore's cunt and bash it against the concrete floor repeatedly into frivolous bits and chunks. "How fucking dare you mother of dead children?! You fucking inconsiderate conceited conniving bitch!" Take the blade to the fathers throat, "You will never attempt to bring more pain and suffering into this world again you god damn asinine horrendous vermin!" Choke the mother with the father's dismembered genitalia.
Track Name: Martyrdom
I have watched the earth consume my body as my quintessence escapes never again to return, but to come back from which I came I shall become once again. The ultimate illuminati. Suicide is cathartic. Break off from it. Leech away. Your death is your blessing. Your death is your gift. To yourself and every living creature and the planet of life. You haven't seen what I've seen. You haven't felt what I've felt. All life should die.
Track Name: Colic
Hearing the screams of a newborn. I hear your pain newborn. I am sorry for you. I am sorry you were brought into this life. I hear your pain newborn. I hear your confusion and your distraughtness. You are rightfully justified. You are going to be indoctrinated and brainwashed so that you will forget why you cried so. The ones that came before you are going to insert thoughts into your mind that were never yours and if you are fortunate you will claim them to be your own and live what you believe to be a happy life. I hope you never remember newborn. I hope you never remember why you cried so.
Track Name: Autoerotic Asphyxiation
Stroking my hard cock up and down I can feel it bruising and my skin starts tearing and I begin to bleed all over my hands, but I can't stop because the burning is what keeps me going. I envision my death, my rotting corpse, how I will die, having my skin torn off to the bone and the word euphoric doesn't even come close. I can feel my seed raging inside me, flowing through me, demanding to burst out and I tighten the noose around my neck. Anticipating the climax I begin to think of how many humans have died, are going to die and are dying. I lie in a nest of all of deaths existence, a skeletal sanctuary and I ejaculate more than I ever have before I stop breathing.
Track Name: Hebephilia
Looking into the eyes of a young beautiful girl. Hair of the sun. Eyes of the ocean. Lips of roses. Skin of silk. Beautiful girl. I see the desire in your eyes. I see the curiosity. I'll give you a taste of my cock. Shove it down your throat and make you choke. Stop crying young girl, I do not want to cum yet, it feels so good. Keep biting young girl, I want you to taste my blood. Your innocence cleanses my senses I refuse to reminisce. You're not my first and not my last, but you just may be my favorite. No pussy is as sweet or as tight of that of a young beautiful girl.
Track Name: Bulimia Nervosa
You reach in. Dig in, scrapping, grasping to the tips of your fingers. Down your esophagus, past your trachea. A boiling pit of an atrocious bile. (I reach into my mouth shoving my entire hand in feeling the saliva swell over. I start dry heaving and I'm anticipating the release. Shards of remnants within spurt out and I am not satisfied. Cough it up, gagging, tearing up. I am so happy.) The fumes rise in waves and rays of heat imploding from within. Drops lift up with ripples becoming reversed tracing outwards. Jawline cracks open like smashing a bottle against a counter and the foam of vomit overflows seeping to the very edges of your expanded orifice.
Track Name: God Of Death
My heart is pounding so loud rendering my hearing nonexistent. Useless. Burning inside my insides have gone up in flames. A shrill glow my eyes feel molted over rinsed through with ice. Senses are stinging to the ends of my limbs to the very touch. Time is the God of death. Embrace. I pray to you, God of death, please end me. I no longer feel alive.
Track Name: Ophthalmophobia
I feel their eyes consuming all of me. I am being devoured by them one by one. I feel them crawling under my skin trying to break out pushing to the surface. They are eating away at my flesh. The pain is unbearable. All of my flesh shakes ferociously from their piercing eyes. I feel as though my skin is going to lash out and off in all directions with my blood spraying all over them as they continue to stare with lust and satisfaction. This is their feast. I am their main course.
Track Name: Deprivation
I'm surging in my purging of self indulgence and I can't feel anything. Drenched and soaked wrapped around the only true self I have and I can't feel anything. I want to devour and consume every living organism in existence. I want to set every creation on fire until it is all burned down to ashes. I want to erase and obliterate every accomplishment ever made. I want to rip away the flesh of every new born and cease the continuation of life. I want to be beaten into a pulp and bled dry. I want to be crucified. I want to fuck through life into death. Death fuck me. Fuck me death. I want to breathe in your corpses cunt. I want to taste your deceased diseased fluids to the pores of my mouth. Claw away at your rotting tits wildly getting decayed flesh stuck under my finger nails and lick them clean. Force face fuck your skull snapping your teeth and neck. I feel nothing.
Track Name: Cold-Blooded
Closing my eyes I receive visions of my skull. Skin to bone. From blood flowing underneath to the ends of my hair. It's so cold in between, like dripping sweat in the cold of the night. It's so cold between my flesh and bone.
Track Name: Self Mutilation Infatuation
My mouth waters as my eyes gaze at the set of blades just at the thought of digging and carving into my arms and peeling back my flesh, looking at my muscle tissue and veins pumping. I can feel my heart beating faster. I jab the knife into my chest and the blade breaks off in my sternum. I lick my lips and I begin chewing on my bottom lip biting it off and swallowing it. My mouth is overflowing with blood. I vomit into the hole in my chest. I begin digging my fingers stretching the orifice feeling my stomach and squeezing, bursting it open. I reach into it and grab what I have been digesting. I rip away at it bite by bite.
Track Name: Postmodern Sociopath
You deserve your demise. Behind my smile you will give me your trust and I will sacrifice you where need be as I deem justified. Tears of happiness and joy stream down from my eyes at the sight of the shortcomings of all of you. I've never known such contentment. I've never felt such entitlement. I am no longer human.
Track Name: Phantasm
I'm hallucinating again and I'm puking all over this whores body and she moans and ejaculates as I shove my excrement down her throat. I am erect and I take a blade and begin scrapping down my cock slicing it open and she gargles it all up to the last drop. I watch as she takes the blade upon herself jabbing and cutting away at her cunt while ejaculating again and again and I feel the world turning. The room is filled with human waste and blood to the point I can taste the smell and it knows me so well. She is losing too much blood and is beginning to turn blue so I wrap my hands around her constricting her throat while fucking what is left of her cunt. I make her tell me that she loves me and I make her tell me that she will never leave me and then I decapitate her while laughing hysterically.
Track Name: Putrid Purity
I can still see the child me inside of me. I reach inside and rip him out throwing him to the ground. There is no such thing as innocence. Putrid purity fucking impure how much of this life do you desire to endure? I'll save you young child. I'll save you from this overwhelmingly miserable excruciating shit of a life. I'll give you the best of the best. I'll take it slow. I promise this is your favorite way. These are the most authentic feelings you will ever have in your existence. Why wait? Give me your hands, child. I snap your forearms in half breaking through your skin your blood gushes rapidly all over. Open your mouth, child. I drop my knee into your jaw cutting open your mouth to your ears with ricochets to your eyes and nose. Beautiful. Step forward, child. I slam this sledgehammer into both your knee caps sending them shooting out, your femurs fall into your tibia and fibula crunching and grinding together and you collapse. I promise this is your favorite way.