Forbidden Innate Inherence

by Ovaryrot



released October 18, 2016



all rights reserved



Ovaryrot is an experimental deathgrind band comprised of Ulf Nylin, Jon Paxton, and Brady Cornett. We've been going strong since 2007, always changing, always creating hellish walls of noise in response to life.

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Track Name: Salutation/Prophecy/Ritual Abidance/Resurfacing Surfaces/Baptism/Wanderlust
I smell her scent and she gives me her eyes. I sprint straight forward, she is stunned, frozen in terror. I'm foaming at the mouth and I feel my eyes rolling back involuntarily. There is no controlling this. I angle my shoulder into her stomach collapsing on top of her and I take my position. My heart is on fire and my mind is swimming in lava. This is my true essence. She begins to claw at my face, but I rip her fingers off biting through the bone. I am erect rubbing my cock against her labia. She starts to go into shock, but I smack her open handedly cutting into her cheek snapping her back into consciousness. I slide my hard cock inside of her and she lets out a surrendering moan as I press deeper and deeper. She attempts to bite at my neck, barely grazing it, so I greet her with a smile. "You and I are one in the same. I knew your scent belonged to me."

To kill are constant thoughts. No longer thinking I am hallucinating, but instead sensing the vibrations before the movements are made. Face gone up in flames as my eyes boil into liquid. Waiting for time to place me in the position I was meant to be in in order to kill. Sensing the vibrations before the movements are made.

Ritual Abidance-
You should do it. You know you should. Murder them all. Fuck their rotting corpses. Devour the rest. The only genuine aspect to the parasites is how they taste. Can you not taste it? Lick your lips and bite down. Feel their movements. Imitate your surroundings. Look into their eyes and reveal them to yourself. They belong to you now.

Resurfacing Surfaces-
And it hits like a tidal wave knocking back what I perceived to be my true identity back into the shadows. The new self has surfaced. How did you think I would respond to such immaculate intelligence? How did you think I would respond to such an enticing scent accompanied by sumptuous breasts? You wanted this just as much as I want it.

Daydream of murder. I swim and bask in the blood of the individuals who inhabit my surroundings. A cleansing feeling like no fucking other. The darkness consumes me with the likes of a warm blanket. This is what I am.

Pressing my tongue against my teeth breaking through the layers. Gulping my own blood rinsing it through. I can feel the vibrations all around. I can feel their pulses in the air calling out to me. Trying to fight off my innate temptations I carve into myself, separating the flesh, drinking my blood, but it is theirs that I desire. I demand their blood. Walking past... hearing the sounds of a nostalgic melody the human is listening to... Smelling their meal cooking, smoke drifting to my nostrils... I black out... And when I woke... The day had turned into night... Drenched in red. Flesh between teeth. I looked down and they were looking at me.