Non​-​Flesh Scarring (NEW FULL LENGTH)

by Ovaryrot

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Recorded between September 2018 - April 2019.
Brady's vocals recorded at the house of BigCig.
Guitars, Bass and Synth recorded at The Rabbit Hole.
Ulf's vocals and drums recorded in A World Of Shit.
Artwork and layout by Ovaryrot.
Lyrics by Brady.

We would like to thank the following:

Karl Jonas Wijk, Damien Sharrock, Paulo Henri Paguntalan, Jon Paxton, Dennis Carlén, Loaded to the Gunwales, Jude Felton, Michael Lyons, Norathep Naritoom, Polwach Beokhaimook, Tyler Stark, Josh Johnson, Nikolaus Pröebstl, Tobias Funk, Beau Huey, Randolph Kelley, Justin Baird, Adam Robbins, Noah Robbins, DEATH METAL Evolution. Cadaver Garden, Gore Grinder (youtube), Trav Dore, Jude Felton, Connor Betts, Danang Prakoso, Anreas Skald Axelsson, Charles T. Rambler, Jonathan Thompson, Thomas Stetson, Foul Apparatus, Cody Sawmiller, Pissboiler, Miscarriage, Imbrued Blemishment, Ecchymosis, Smallpox Aroma, BigCig, Encenthrakh, Domestic Terror, Navium, Meth Fetish and Phemaldehydration and everyone else we may have missed. We can't express how thankful, shocked, and surprised we are by the support we receive. As long as you want to listen, we'll keep making something to listen to. Peace.


released April 19, 2019

Brady: Bass, Guitar, Synth, Vocals
Ulf: Drums, Vocals


all rights reserved




Ovaryrot is an experimental deathgrind band comprised of Ulf Nylin and Brady Cornett. We've been going strong since 2007, always changing, always creating hellish walls of noise in response to life.

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Track Name: Incessantly
Despite everything 
I remain alive
Trudging through the ruin
That's become my life

Pausing, for a moment to reflect
I cannot seem to
catch my breath. 
It never ends.

Every path I've ever taken has slowly eaten me alive.
Vision only serves to distort and deceive the fucking eyes.

Unaware of what holds meaning
I have lost my sense of truth.

Emptiness I cling to thee
Exhausted of my fucking use.

Clawing at myself incessantly
Gnawing at myself incessantly

"Just do it already.
Give it up and lay it down.
You've been staring at these walls for days
And you've barely made a single sound.
You've lost it all,
As you see no one's around."

"Overdose. Lay it down."

Fed the hatred for the self from birth into the grave.
Unfulfilled in every way despite all that I fucking gave.

Clawing and gnawing at myself. 

Driven insane by this madness.
Sulk in defeat from this sadness.
Life is a purgatory to endure
Filled with pain you beg for more.
Incessantly I wait for more
Incessantly I'm craving more.
Incessantly, Incessantly,
Incessantly I pray for more.
Incessantly, incessantly,
Incessantly I wait for more.

I cannot coexist with peace inside this vessel 
My habits have been molded; my will has settled. 

Clawing, drawing blood again 
Gnawing, drawing blood again I fold. 
Track Name: Hollow Vessels
Staring at their shells.
All life has gone.
This is now.
This is everyone.
Nauseating noise filled silence

Permeates the desires 
of those with unfulfilled potential.

The words you speak 
mean nothing.

This is silence.
The mask you wear means nothing, 
though colorful.
This is emptiness.
Most will live to die twice. 
Track Name: Chemania
Give me. Need me. Feed me. 
Cleanse me just like my trusted
stimulant fix.

Fixation on the mechanics 
of a process we have never understood.

Give me the words. 
Comply with my brain and aid 
in the molding of the world I see.

I'll turn the pages of a chapter book written in shit 
to hopefully find some ink.

A nervous system gone haywire, 
struggling to react.

A brain killing itself with a Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepinepherine  cocktail.

Head tilt back.
Head lunge forward.
Head meet concrete.
Spit out teeth.

Vision fades, 
embracing nothing.
Track Name: Phantoms Kept Aggressive
Hanged heads never smile
Don't ask how I know 

Triumph is an amphetamine 
Don't ask how I know

I beg for the pain
I pray for the burn. 
I will kill anything in my way. 

The trail of dead ends 
that lift me.
My empire is solitude 
And I am the God damned King.

by the influence,

of my surroundings.

You'll never know my secrets kept.
You'll never see the things I have.

My prison gave me life.
I live kept away.

Spit, open mouthed.
This is nothing new.
Pry, out, 
teeth and tongue.
What do you hide?
Tell me your lies.
What do you hide?
Tell me your lies 

Visual deception rampant,
walking, fucking, filth.
Truth be the secret buried 
Deep in mind.


"This world is mine,
your life is mine,
I want what I want.
This world is mine, 
your life is mine,
I want what I want.
Your life is mine."

Desire to
cut the throat 
that holds their prominent heads so high.
Degradation a form of rebirth.
Rid the Earth of scum.
Rid the Earth of filth.

Preaching psalms of degradation.
Burn the corpses of the weak.
a form of rebirth.
Track Name: Wound Of The Mind
Stop smiling at me. 
Through pain I can't see,

I'd beg to be numb if I didn't already know
Voices were made to be ignored.

This is my fate and I'll swallow it
Just like the blood clots.

Your savior is a sadist.
In attempts to turn me into a masochist,
I've held my tongue and forgotten prayer.

Concern is always a choice,
And I've always made the wrong one.
Track Name: Turn Back
In conserving the elite, 
the self must be subject to 
absolute termination.

The sound of the mystic's lie and greed stricken tongue

drive fear.
Allow yourself to die.
In living the dream,
nothing is ever real.

Retreat; find solstice in self-degradation.
Deny the beast you were born.

Live in his image, 
die on your knees.

If words hold substance,
you'd stand in line, 

awaiting your own 

Live in fear.
Die afraid.
Turn back to delusion.
Turn back to delusion.
Live in fear.
Die afraid. 
Turn back to delusion. 
Turn back to delusion. 
Track Name: Negative Influence
A lifespan I've built an evil within my mind.
I'll tear myself apart to prove my fucking point.

It digs into my neck, and consumes my skull.
I have no more control, I'm bound to lose it all.

Struggle ensues.

In the end we all disappear, 
fading into emptiness. 

All ideas redundant
All belief a fucking lie.

What makes you think,
your life will be any different?
They all try, 
Walking in circles, nowhere.

There is
one can 
do to 
end this 
Of self 

Just breathe. 
Just breathe.
Just fucking breathe.
Just breathe.

I refuse.
I refuse.
I won't
Listen to you. 
I refuse.
I refuse.
Fuck you. 
Fuck you. 
This is something you can't tame, 
Embedded deep within.
I am all the shattered fragments,
Long live.

Despite every effort and attempt
You can't escape this self loathing 
nature and discontentment. 
You must suffer all your life.

Depression and suicide 
Saturate your fucking mind
Years of hateful criticism 
Smother all your dreams envisioned. 

Quick solution: wield the knife, 
correct your fucking brain.
I don't care if it's the last thing I do,
I won't let this dig my grave.

Cut it out.
Cut it out.
Cut it out.
Cut it out.
Track Name: Deathspiral
Change often leaves an empire bleeding
No gauze for the wound

Clotting web of history clings to the fingers
Hoping to maintain

In last days. 
In last days.

Just let the head fall
Just Let the neck fail
There's no honor in 
The inevitable.
Track Name: Penetration - A Way Of Life
User is as user does. 
Never grounded in life.

Fucked full of narcissism.
Hard-drive littered with self image,

Searching blindly 
for undefined fulfillment.

I won't be there

to lift you up after you've lowered your standards back to realism.
Used from the moment that they caught your eye, 
nothing more.

You'll die alone as you've left me.
Despite how you address this
Tarnished truth.

Love is the fuel of repopulation and nothing more. 
Your heart holds no feeling, save pressure. 
In a bed of broken spirits,
Made to continue
The passing of passionless fluids,
This indulgence never ends.
Track Name: Isolation
Stranger in the mirror.
Defined creases
Bags below the eyes

How you've changed. 
How you've aged.

Everyone and everything
You held dear is gone.
All motivation
To achieve is lost.
Slave to a routine
That rapes the joy
Of everything.

I often feel like a motherless newborn,
Not quite wanted, yet I'm here.
No voices heard in days.
Walls a cage, 
no escape. 
No escape.

Color drained From me
Darkness blinding me
Anguish in my voice
Dwelling in the void

Exiled as a punishment
For existing without a choice 
Useless organ sack of flesh
Disregarded from the pack

I am a shell of my former self
Despite all of my cries for help,
They fall unheard, I am alone.
I walk this Earth, I am a ghost.

I need something.

Life is nothing if not loneliness
We are the only things that can die twice. 

Rip out the poisoned veins at all costs.
Or succumb to the pain in emptiness. 
Track Name: The Great Circle Jerk
is going to shit 
you're a piece of shit. 
Let's smear shit on our faces 
And jerk each other off,

Because trying 
is asking 
too much. 

Stop playing the part. 
Theatrical waste of time.
Don't waste your breath, 
Spare my mind. 
I've heard this all before 
From a guy that looks just like you. 

Deep throating this bullshit 
Everyday and choking back the
Truth to repeat history and pretend 
Everything's okay. 

Thoughtlessly, they fuck off. 
Mindlessly, they climax.
Cumming on each other's faces. 
Cumming on each other's faces. 

we are better off. 
Soon enough. 
We are Better off.
Soon enough.

There will be no remorse
When hell reigns.
Outcome of our ignorance. 
Track Name: Fated Donor Paradox
In falling apart I've become bitter.
Just kill me already.

Someone wants my heart more than I do.
Someone needs my eyes more than I do.

My lungs are misused.
Each nerve a tomb.
I can't feel anyway.
Numbed for so long.

The further I climb,
The less I have to accomplish.
Time decreases,
As I question the point of it all.
Track Name: Personifying The Machine
Feeling pathetic
Knowing my feelings are irrational.
As I can't help but succumb to 
the stupidity of all of this. 
So tired of earning a living 
breaking my spirit night by night,
 picking up the slack 

of lazy depressive wastes 
of consciousness, 
my mind cannot take it.
I am broken, I submit.
My mind cannot take it,
I am tortured, I submit.

You are what you make yourself.
I've made myself hopeless.
You are what you make yourself. 
I've made myself useless.
You are what you make yourself.
I am self abusive.
You are what you make yourself. 
I've made myself pathetic.

It's not a fucking wonder
Why I feel alone.

Trying to apply a meaning to this life,
Just to be as confused as the day I was born.
None of you make this any easier. 
Acting as gears inside a fucking machine. 
Track Name: High On Commeradery
In groups you'd kill
No need for reason
In groups you'd rape
No need for reason

These hands are tools
And you're dying 
to use them

Masking fear in 
triumphant stride
Can't erase the 
Stain of cowardice on your hide.
I see through you, 
worth less than the cum you were born from. 
Just like all pests,
Giving reason to exterminate. 

An orgy of stupidity 
With all arms flailing
Pathetic maggots.
Lead by Insecurities untold.
Track Name: The Gap
Soulless populations mingle
Desperate attempts at belonging
Plagued in mind with spirits broken
Wanting to be acknowledged

Caught up within
The act of a great division
Ever growing gap
Refusal to understand. 

Polarized, you all become one
Losing all your unique beauty 
Nothing matters You have your mission,
Dividing in the name of hatred.

Feuding over ideas with our
words As bullets, aiming for the 
head to never cease until our
Cause obtains a body count.

Let them wage a war
Let the blood spill
Let the fires rise
Let the blood spill.
Doesn't matter the cost,
As long as I'm right.
The only focus I have
Is serving my life.

There is no reflection
Or responsibility 
Taken for your actions
You just thrive on power
You want to control,
You want to lead.
You love your control,
Birthing Deities.

Taking a bow at the feet of martyrs. 
Making a game of the trauma suffered.

First, we fall.
Abusing the pawns.
First, we fall.
Abusing the pawns
Suffer my abuse.

A verbal duel
A sense of purpose
Emptiness subsides,
Choosing sides

Give them another reason
To continue blindly.
Become the fucking problem.
By simply casting blame you're 

Feeding, the Gap.
Feeding, the Gap.
Feeding, the Gap.
Feeding, the Gap.
Feeding, the Gap.
Feeding, the Gap.
Feeding, the Gap.
Feeding, the God damned Gap.
Track Name: I Will Kill Me
One way or another
This life must end
A head isn't made for two
There can only be one

Living like this for so long
I know no other life
Crushing my own hands
With every foot I climb.

To reach as high as possible 
My own hands around my neck
Torture and self torment
Until death.

Do it, do it, 
Tighten the noose
Do it, do it,
Saturate the veins
Do it, do it,
No one would miss you. 
Do it, do it,
You've ruined everything. 

I'll kill this voice.
Silence every noise.

The agony 
of believing 
every lie
 I have told myself. 

Return to a life of hope 
Dream as though I matter
This life I'll lead on my terms. 

End the pain,
Cease the blame.
Your life.

I will kill me.
It's your time,
To go.

I will kill me.
It's your time,
To go.
Track Name: Scarred
Tear down 
The walls
That confine your heart

You were Meant 
for more than suffering

There has got to be more 
out there

There must be 
more Than this

Just stop
Yourself, be freed

I've seen hell  within their eyes
I know the evil that You fear.
Nobody is innocent
And not a thing is sacred. 

We've made a
Mess of this
Fucking life
But if we
Refuse to
Try and change
We will face
The end of
That we know
One by one
We will go
To a shamed
Burial plot
Big enough 
For all of 

This life is series of cycles and patterns.
We're all cells of the organism.
Only as strong as our diseases
And disagreements. 

We could just as easily fall
We could just give up.
When all light is smothered, 
Never surrender.

Scarred, broken, defeated
We must carry on. 
Crushed, bleeding, depleted
We will go on.

Though the light fades
Within vision changes
Time never stops.

We're all the same
Though scarred,
We must carry on.

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